Covid 19 Update

For the time being because the workshop isn’t a retail space or open to the public work is continuing as normal and we will carry on for as long as our customers continue to send us their gunstocks.

As new information enters the public domain our processes and procedures may change without notice in order to comply with best practices as specified by the government, NHS and Public Health England.

Gun Stock Refinishing offers a mail order service for repairs .

This is what you need to do.

  • Contact us about your stock and discuss what you require, we may ask you to send a few photo’s via WhatsApp.
  • You must remove the action and barrel form your firearm, we only need the wooden parts. If you’re not sure how to do this seek out a competent person.
  • The metal components on shotgun forends may be left on.
  • Carefully package your stock to ensure safe transit, put plenty of padding around it. Make sure you put a return address on the package in case it can’t be delivered at our end, once you have posted your package please contact us to let us know so we can look out for it.
  • If you are asked at the post office about the content of the package we recommend you describe it as wooden components or wood samples.
  • Post your stock to us, we recommend you use Parcelforce as they know exactly where we are.
  • Send all items to the following address: Allan Gray. GSR. The Epstein Building, Mivart Street, Easton, Bristol. BS5 6JF.
  • We will carry out the work on your stock and upon payment package and return it to you.
  • Please note:
  • We will not accept any liability for any damage caused during transit either way. Please ensure adequate insurance with your carrier.
  • We will not accept any liability for any damage caused by you or anyone acting on your behalf whilst disassembling or reassembling your firearm.
  • Your stock was only new once and we don’t work miracles, however we will endeavour to achieve the best possible results.
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