Woodwork and refinishing repairs prices

The list below is a guide and prices may vary depending on the type of work involved

If you decide to bring your stock into the workshop in person please follow this link before you do so

  • Restoring wood with traditional oil finish £75
  • Clean out existing checkering £60
  • Re-checkering existing panels £120
  • New checkering panels on plain stocks and forends £POA
  • Grind to fit recoil pads £35 + pad
  • Dent and scratch removal and re-oiling £125
  • Shorten stock and re-fit existing recoil pad or plate £80
  • Lengthen stock with wood, ebonite and or recoil pad £75 + pad
  • Repairing broken or cracked stocks From £100

All prices will have postage added to them if our mail order service is used

Typical cost for UK mainland is around £12 to £15 pounds each way

Many shooters at some time will either damage their stocks or cause wear and tear through normal usage, after all stocks and forends are essentially just tool handles and the only way to keep them pristine is to never use them. Replacing a stock off the shelf from a manufacturer can be very expensive and having one made to order even more so. It’s usually possible to repair broken and cracked stocks using modern adhesives along with reinforcement pins and inlays.

At GSR we use boiled linseed oil for the majority of our finishes. This is applied in thin coats, usually one per day, until the required finish is achieved. We then allow the oil to cure before finishing off with a fine film of gunstock wax. This produces a durable finish that enhances the woodwork whilst protecting it from the rigours of use.

General repairs

Traditional oil finishes

Colour changing and matching

Refinishing, dent, scratch removal and checkering

Modifications to stock and for-ends (Lengthening or shortening)

Bespoke gun cabinets made to fit any space with integral safes fitted


Swivel mounts attached

Recoil pads replaced (grind to fit)

Replacement wooden parts made

gun stock repairs
gun stock checkering

Average turn around for oiling a stock and forend is about two weeks.

Average costs are between £75 and £100 for a traditional finish. See above for details.

Payment is by BACs, or cash. We no longer accept cheques or PayPal.

Postage and packaging within UK mainland via Parcelforce is usually between £12 to £15

Please let me know when you have posted any items so I know to expect them.

Retuning parcels will all have tracking numbers.

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